Is Wishlist Member API is Enough When Developing Plugins For Wishlist Member?

Wishlist Member has a great API for developing and extending Wishlist Member functions and features. In most cases you will not need to use or any other code in order to develop the feature that you need. However being the biggest 3rd party company the develop dedicated commercial plugins for Wishlist Member and custom development for customers we can say the we have found that in some cases that the Wishlist Member API is just not enough.

To solve this problem we have developed over the years and special helper class that extend the Wishlist Member API and add many new functions to the original API.  This class has been optimized for speed and efficiency over the years and every time that we need a new function we add to the this special Wishlist Member API Helper.

All of our commercial plugins and many of the custom development plugins use this class as it turned to be one the fastest solutions to create amazing features with Wishlist Member.

What makes Wishlist Member Helper API Class Unique?

When we first started developing for Wishlist Member the Wishlist Member API was at version 1.0 (currently it’s version 2).  Even though Wishlist Member API is now much more advanced in many cases when you are using the API you need to decide if you are calling it as a internal API calls which are much faster or as an external API call which works slower but allows you to called the Wishlist Member from external Websites.

The Wishlist Member API Helper Class knows how automatically identify the needed API call and calls the necessary actions to load the appropriate API call (internal or external).

But that’s is not all Wishlist Member Helper API class includes these great features and functions inside it:

  • Built in cache mechanism which uses the built in WordPress transient API to serve the API results faster.
  • Direct database functions that extended the regular Wishlist Member API functions
  • Some functions combine one or more Wishlist Member API commands into one quicker and optimized function.
  • Extract specific information without the need to call functions that returned more information than needed.
  • Ability to handle complex functions and scenarios with one or two simple functions.

We have been asked by many developers if we sell this class as a stand alone product for their own projects and after a lot of considerations we have decided not to do it.

The main reason we have decided not to sell this class as a stand alone product is one of the strengths of this class that it’s being updated all the time with new methods and optimized exiting methods as the Wishlist Member and WordPress develop.

If you are interested in developing a custom plugin for Wishlist Member that will be developed by professional WordPress and Wishlist Member developers don’t hesitate don’t contact us for a quote request.






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