Wishlist Member & WooCommerce Integration – Problem Solved

Wishlist Member & WooCommerce Integration – Problem Solved

If you have ever tried to integrate Wishlist Member with WooCommerce then you have probably used the WooThemes extension for Wishlist Member that allows you to integrate Wishlist Member & WooCommerce together.

In some cases, the WooThemes extension is enough, but in most cases you will see that it’s just not doing the job and it will even totally fail.

Our Client’s Problem with Integrating Wishlist & WooCommerce:

The problem started when one of our customers who bought this plugin from WooThemes tried to create a store where he wanted to sell both Wishlist Member membership levels and PayPerPost content.

The WooThemes extension added only some of the products, and to the customer it seemed like it’s adding random products from the customers’ cart to the member, and he didn’t like that his customer support was filled with angry customers who didn’t get want they have purchased.

After the customer didn’t find any solution to his problem, he has contacted us for troubleshooting the issue.

Solving the Problem – 2 Suggestions:

A Wishlist Member certified developer was assigned to the project and after digging into the code he has found that the problem is more than what the customer described, and the WooThemes Wishlist Member WooCommerce integration will break in many other scenarios then the one our client was facing, even without the customer knowing about it.

To fix the problem, we gave the customer 2 options to choose from:

1. Fix the exiting WooThemes extension with the desired features and basically “adding a bandage” on the problem

2. Develop a new and much more enhanced Wishlist Member & WooCommerce integration plugin.

Our customer, that already had a very successful online store, decided to develop a new plugin from scratch.

That is how we have created Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus for him and also as a commercial plugin for anyone that really wants to integrate Wishlist Member & WooCommerce the right and easy way.

Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus is a new plugin that was build from scratch and it will allow you, as an online store owner, to integrate Wishlist Member with WooCommerce in just 1-Click!

Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus Exclusive Features:

Without getting into technical details, here are 5 main features that Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus allows you to achieve:

  • Sell any membership products on your online include membership levels and PayPerPost content
  • Choose the desired username format for the new member
  • Create membership product in 1-Click
  • See all you membership product in a simple dashboard
  • Allow automatic registration after the purchase for both new and existing members

You can find much more comprehensive information on the Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus product page on HappyPlugins store.

If you have Wishlist Member installed on one domain and you have WooCommerce installed on another domain and you want to sell your membership products both in your membership website and in you online store, we have developed an add-on for Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus called External Membership Sites Add-Ons Bundle.

This add-on will add the option to sell external membership products through your online store without limiting you and it will allow you to continue selling your membership site through the regular Wishlist Member payment integration as well:


If you are looking for more information check the following resources:


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