Developing for Wishlist Member Using Official Wishlist Member API and More

Developing for Wishlist Member Using Official Wishlist Member API and More

As you probably know Wishlist Member Developers is part of  HappyPlugins that develop dedicated for the Wishlist Member platform.

If you are interested about all the plugins that we develop you can find it on HappyPlugins – Wishlist Member section.

Although Wishlist Member API is one of the best one that any membership site platform have, sometimes it’s still don’t enough.

Many times we found our selves with the need for a function that does not exist in side the API or even a function that combines multiple API functions then the final function is not efficient enough for mass usage.

To solve the problem we have developed a special class dedicated for Wishlist Member that we use inside all of our plugins.

This class combines functions from the official Wishlist Member API and add many new functions that does exist any where else and still keeping all the original features and efficiency that Wishlist Member API have.

That special class which includes many unique function and  actions is used both in all of our commercial plugins that we sell of our online store and for any special customer development.

As we develop more plugins we increase the strength of that dedicated Wishlist Member class and we reduce the development time for new plugins.

Development for Wishlist Member is our specialty so If you are a  customer or an agency that looking for Wishlist Member dedicated plugin for your membership site get a tailored price quote using the Price Quote  page.


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