Ran and his team were very professional and patient. I liked the fact that they were thorough and left no holes unplugged when they worked with solving my membership site. The solutions integrated were assembled and customized according to what we needed for a seamless and glitch free experience…thanks!

Great conversation with Ran today. Please tell him – he’s awesome! Not only did he convey the things that Wishlist does, he also brainstormed with me of how to effectively do what I am looking to.

“This plugin (Wishlist Registration Widget) is the best way to supercharge your membership signups. I was especially impressed by the developers prompt customer service!”

“The Wishlist Auto Registration plugin is really great, I love it! And the support you guy’s deliver are really outstanding! Thank you so much!”

“Just wanted to let you know that the plugin (Wishlist Auto Registration) is working great and incomplete registrations have gone to zero! I’m definitely going to do a review of the plugin and get it for my own site.”

“Bob Tolbert’s Wish List Member plugins have made life easier on us by automating processes that would normally eat up a ton of admin time. I especially appreciate Bob’s quick response time and customer service. Fact is, our membership website would not function without these plug ins.”

“The regular registration form is very long and ugly. Right after I added Wishlist Registration Widget to my registration rates increased tremendously. The widget made the registration process faster so now I can finally focus on creating great content for my clients, and not worry about the registration conversion killer. Thanks!”

“Finally I get reduce my form size and put it within the sidebar! Whilst I love Wishlist Member, I have known the whole time that I needed to have a smaller form and place it within my sidebar. The Wishlist Registration Widget was the only plugin I’ve found to allow me to do this. It has been worth its weight in gold. There were several specific things though that weren’t working with it though at the beginning but within day’s worth of liaising with Bob Tolbert, we had the widget upgraded to a super widget which I’m sure is going to increase my subscriber rate. Thanks again Bob! I look forward to more subscribers!”

“Having decided to launch a free membership site powered by Wishlist I was dismayed at the idea of having to ask new members to sign up via the standard registration form (which is pretty average if you ask me). Thankfully I discovered Wishlist Registration Widget which allows me to get new members setup via a couple of input fields, all beautifully integrated into my site. Bob has been great in answering the few questions that I’ve had and it’s saved me (and my members) a ton of time and effort versus the ‘old’ way of doing things, so in my opinion it’s a no brainer if you’re looking to do the same.”

“Whether painting on an iPad or a canvas, our Art Study Online students stay focused thanks to Wishlist Pay Per Post Shortcodes. It delivers key functionality and keeps our site interface tidy. We couldn’t teach without it!”