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A faster membership site is a more efficient site that will benefit both you and your visitors. The web is now a part of the world that we live in, with more than 100’s of millions of websites, each website is now competing on getting more traffic and you are competing on your potential customers’ attention. It’s no surprise that Google has made your website’s speed as one of the main factors in their ranking algorithm.

If you think you can get away with a slow website, you may want to think again. Even without paying much attention to Google, you will want your website to work fast. The formula is simple: A faster website means more happy visitors and better user experience. A faster website will improve any aspects of your business and in the bottom line – You will earn more per visitor.

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Why is Speed Optimization Important?


A faster website will improve your website’s efficiency. Every website is made up of many smaller resources. This resources are requested from a server every time a page needs to loaded. The more resources you have to load, the slower your website will parse and load. Some resources take more time than others to load, improving and combining your resources’ time will improve the efficiency of your membership site and will have dramatic effect on your website’s load time.

Reduced Bounce Rates

Reduced Bounce Rates

A faster website will have much lower bounce rates. “Bounce rate” as defined by Google is one of the key metrics that helps evaluate the quality of your traffic. A “Bounce” happens when the visitor exited the website right from the landing page, without going to any other page. This is a great indication on how relevant the content was for the user and how engaged they were with your website. A faster membership site will directly affect bounce rates, and your visitors will quickly get the information they came for without the need to wait for it.

Increased Visitors Capacity

A faster website can let more visitors in and still work well for any one of them. Many times if your server allowed it, you can optimize its resources to adapt them to your needs and make the server and the website to work in a more efficient way. A more efficient website will get you better rankings and much better user experience for a lot more visitors.

Increased Visitors Capacity
Improved Sales

Improved Sales

A faster website will not let your visitors wait for the information they need, so they will have more patient to buy more products from you, and if you are managing a subscription based membership site, then a faster website will improve your retention rates. If more members can enjoy a better user experience when they are visiting your website, they will not want to leave it and will even recommend your website to their friends. That way you earn free traffic and even more potential customers. As a Rule of Thumb – You don’t want to leave your members wait around, they will just get frustrated and cancel their membership!

More Revenues

In the bottom line, a faster website will get you more revenues. The average potential customer doesn’t have a lot of patience and he will leave your website if he will not see anything on the screen in less 5 seconds. That alone does not leave you a lot of time to catch your visitors and convert them to customers if your website is slow. No matter what you are selling, the combination of speed and efficiency will improve your revenue stream. You can fill your website with many products, content and even with more features, but if it’s working slow you will loose the customer before he made a purchase.

More Revenues

How Can We Help You?

When it’s coming to fixing your membership site’s speed, we can fix the following common issues:

  • Image Optimization
  • Add image dimensions where possible
  • Optimize the order of styles and scripts
  • Defer parsing of JavaScript where possible
  • Reduce total page size
  • Reduce total number of requests
  • Database Optimization
  • Setup CDN
  • Configure caching via the server or by plugin
  • Enable and configure Gzip Compression
  • Server optimization (applicable to VPS and Dedicated servers only)

Why Hire Us?

Wishlist Member Cetified Developers Only

Our services are provided by Wishlist Member certified developers only. We have the best developers who know Wishlist Member code better than anyone else. We know Wishlist Member inside out, we understand how it works and we understand its code.

Biggest 3rd-party Company Developing for Wishlist Member Platform

We develop custom plugins for 7 years now, for clients and for our own personal use, and we are the no.1 3rd-party company who develops plugins for the Wishlist Member platform.

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How the Process Works

Step 1: Send Us an Email

Fill in the short Request a Quote form and describe the issue you are experiencing with your membership site.

Step 2: Complete Analysis of Your Website

Since every website is different from one another, before we start the optimization process and send you a precise quote, we need a developer to check into your website’s structure and database and perform a complete analysis of what is causing the site to work slowly. At the end of this part we send you a full report with what needs to be optimized according to the analysis.

Step 3: The optimization process

After getting the analysis report we start optimizing your website according to it (after getting your approval to start the process). The price depends on the analysis results, so we will be able to give you an accurate quote for every aspect that needs to be optimized after having the report.

Check Out Our Website’s Speed

The speed test was conducted on website and the screenshot below was taken on February 15, 2015: Speed Optimization

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