Wishlist Member Developers - Speed Tips

Using Wishlist Member With CloudFlare and MacCDN

Wishlist Member has its caching system and no matter what hosting type you are using you always could improved your membership site speed by using CDNs service.

Pure CDNs services like MaxCDN or DNS routing services with CDN like CloudFlare can help you speed your website very quickly.

Although adding each one of those services is very easy by itself, but adding these services to Wishlist Member can be a little bit tricky.

Why Wishlist Member does not support MaxCDN or CloudFlare by default?

When we want to answer this question we need to understand that the problem is not in Wishlist Member but in the way CDN services work.

CDN Services like MaxCDN or CloudFlare use a very aggressive “caching ” methods in order to achieve their goal and optimize your website speed.

These “caching” create a scenario where you website assets including CSS / JS / images files hosted in multiple locations and served to the end user as a static content.

The problem with those methods is that they are not suitable for a website that need to serve dynamic information based on the user access privileges for example membership site in general or in our case Wishlist Member.

As you can see the problem is not Wishlist Member but the caching process that any CDNs services apply to your content.

How can we solve that?

The logic behind solving this problem is excluding the Wishlist Member protection logic from the caching services and allow the regular protection process to perform as it would normally do.

Although the logic is very simple apply it to a real live website can be tricky, and the methods and steps will change from one website to another.

If you want to integrate Wishlist Member with MaxCDN or CloudFlare or any other CDNs services, you can contact us using the request a quote form.