[Case Study] The Community Plugin Development

[Case Study] The Community Plugin Development

MaAnna Stephenson, the owner of BlogAid.net, contacted us for a custom development job to one of her clients, Ronnie Bincer, the owner of  The Hangout Helper membership site.

Ronnie needed to have 2 unique plugins for his membership site:

The Problem

Ronnie needed to know when customers are cancelling their PayPal subscription on the spot because he needed to remove them from the Google Plus community he is managing.

Without knowing these details, it would be almost impossible to track all the users that are eligible to be in the G+ community.

Another problem that Ronnie needed was that every new customer need to approve a custom terms of service before he enters the G+ community.

Without special development both of these problems needed to be handled manually and could consume a lot of time to manage.

The Solution

After discussing with Ronnie over the phone we have agreed to the appropriate solution for his membership website.

The solution included developing 2 custom plugins that will handle most of the tasks and notifications automatically.

1. PayPal Subscription Notifications

This plugin is custom designed for Ronnie’s website and it “listens” to all of PayPal notifications and if a member cancels his subscription the plugin sends an instant notification with all the customer details.

Another notification was set up for the time when the membership was cancelled (end of period).

Doing so gives the power back to the membership site’s owner helping him save customers and managing the Google Plus community more easily.

This plugin is now available for sale through our online store at HappyPlugins.com

2. Terms of Use User Agreement

Since he is using real hangout conversations in his coaching and training lessons, he wanted to display his customers a TOS notification that notifies them about the possibility their hangout will appear in the training lessons.

The plugin we were asked to develop needed to present the TOS form after the registration process is complete.

Also, since you need to have a G+ account in order to participate in the hangouts, Ronnie wanted the plugin to also to be able to collect the G+ profile URL of each user.

To sum it up… The purpose of the plugin is to collect the G+ Profile URL and the member’s answer to the TOS (agree or not), send the details to the website’s administrator and redirect the member to the after registration page.

 The Conclusion

Without using custom development plugins managing these king of flow on a membership site is time consuming and even impossible.

By investing in custom development, the website owner saved a lot of time that was invested in marketing and promoting his services and websites.

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Send us a quote request and we will get back to you to schedule a phone meeting to go over all the details.

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