Wishlist Member Speed Optimization

Wishlist Member Speed Optimization

When you are dealing with regular website most of the details are static and there are not changed from one person to another so using a good caching plugin and some codes tweaks can get you some good results.

Dealing with Wishlist Member speed optimization is a separate thing . The Membership site still need to preform a website optimization but also keep the website dynamic content to be displayed correctly.  It’s a challenge and the optimization process of each membership site is different.

The Differences between Regular website optimization and Wishlist Member Speed Optimization

These are only few differences between regular websites and a membership sites optimization:

1. Membership websites are base on dynamic content and every user has is own private content unlike regular website where every visitor see the same information.

2. Most of the users or a membership site are logged in when they are viewing the membership site content, so you need to ensure the your database is optimized at all the times.

3. The protection is another aspect that is added when optimizing Wishlist Member membership site., the content that is protected can only be seen by members with the right privileges although some of the content is cached and not rendered on request.

4. Most membership sites includes a lot of video content that needed to preform quickly but those videos still need to stay protected using the membership site rules.

Can You Optimize Your Membership On Your Own?

If you are a technical person and you know you way into databases and servers you can analyze the situation and optimize your Wishlist Member membership website by yourself.  You sill need to consider the Wishlist Member aspects when you preforming the optimization process as you don’t want to broke the membership site protection settings.

You will need to find out what plugins and extensions need to stay dynamic and what resources can be cached to improve the membership site speed.

Our Service

A unique service that we offer as Wishlist Members certified developers is a Wishlist Member Speed Optimization.

We analyze your Wishlist Member membership site components and optimize each part separately. We will also provide you a complete reports and tips on how you can keep your Wishlist Member speed optimized even after he have finished our optimization process.

You can find out more about this service on Wishlist Member Speed Optimization service page.


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  1. Dave Stone
    Dave Stone says:

    Thank you for the info. I just might need your service soon…
    My website is very slow and I would love to make it work faster.


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