Planning Your Wishlist Member Membership Site

Planning Your Wishlist Member Membership Site

So you want to build a membership site, you have done your research and even bought a license of Wishlist Member, but you don’t know where to start.

You have your membership site vision in your head and you may even wrote it, just to make it all clear.

But the real question is how to take the idea or vision that you have and convert it into a real active membership site, one that bring you revenues month after month.

As a Wishlist Member Certified Developers we have built a lot membership sites.  We have heard and seen almost all membership ideas that exists out there and we even built some crazy membership sites of subjects that you wouldn’t even think to build a membership site on.

Even after that we know that we learn all the time and all the knowledge that we acquired until now came from pure field experience.

So how can we help you in building you membership site?

We could told that, you can hire us for consulting and we will help you to design and plan you membership site and adapt your vision and idea to an active membership site,  but before that we want to give you some tips.  These tips may seems obvious to you after you hear,  but each tip here have been learned in hard work.

  • Don’t build the most complete membership site if you still don’t have traffic and traction.
  • Following tip #1, when you start only build the most essential features.
  • Build a contentions plan for your website development and follow it as your membership site grows.
  • Even when your membership site grows, don’t forget the member, he is the center of every membership site.
  • A membership site should have some community features so don’t neglect these features as these are the one that will keep you retension rate high.
  • Create your member an experience that we never forget.
  • Don’t invent the wheel use things that already exist and develop things that you really need.

If you still want our help in building your membership site or interested in Wishlist Member consulting or any other membership website consulting contact us using the request a quote page.

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