Is Wishlist Member plugin slowing down my website?

Is Wishlist Member plugin slowing down my website?


“I’m running my membership site on Wishlist Member plugin and I’m worried that it might slow down my site. Is it possible that the Wishlist plugin is causing this and what can I do to make it run faster?”


There are many reasons why a website’s speed might be slow, and it doesn’t necessary have anything to do with Wishlist Member.

Before you come into any conclusions we would suggest running some tests with several different speed tools as well as WordPress performance tools.

If you have some technical knowledge then these tools will even help you optimize your website’s speed even better, but even if you don’t, you can still make some adjustments.

One of our Wishlist Member dedicated websites currently has over 80 active plugins and it is full of content and its loading time is under 3 seconds.

Saying that… 

We have written a few tips to help you optimize your website’s speed.

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Tip #9: 7 Tips for Optimizing Your Membership Site’s Speed

What You Get in the Tip:

  • Simple tips to help you optimize your membership site’s speed
  • Simple tools you can run a speed test with
  • Tips for choosing a good hosting package

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