Don't Learn Everything about Wishlist Member Before You Build a Membership Website

Don’t Learn Everything about Wishlist Member Before You Build a Membership Website

You don’t need to know everything about Wishlist Member to build a good membership site.  Infect it’s better that would not know anything about Wishlist Member or any other membership plugin before you start building your membership site.

I know it may sound strange but the facts are that more you know the harder it get to build a unique membership.

You see when you first start you have a clear vision of what you want to do, you know exactly how things should be placed and what experience every customer should get when he come to your membership site.

Then you are trying to take this vision and turn it in a reality in many cases you are starting to see  that it’s not that simple.  Membership plugins can limit your vision and then at the end you create a site that just seem like every other site on the internet.

To keep your vision you must think as a dreamer and only after you have your entire vision in writing than start to find the right tools for the job.

On our 7 years building and consulting in the membership sites, we have encounter many cases that the client think he needed a membership site but infect he wasn’t going to use even a fraction of what a good membership plugin can offer him.  On other side we have seen clients that came to us straight with the feeling that “We know this feature can’t be done, but what is the best thing you can do?”.

So infect that they what can be done and what can’t be done had limit their vision the truth is nothing is impossible. It’s always depend on the amount of investment (time & money) you are willing to make in order to build your dream membership site.

Do You Really Need It?

Before you invest all that money we want to know that you are absolutely sure that you all the features that you are asking for ?

When you are designing a a membership site you should not limit your self by the ability of the membership plugin that you are going to use. You only need to think of your future members and what they are really need to have to make their experience unforgettable.

How to Do That?

Here are the questions you will need to consider in order to decide what your members really need:

  1. Does this features is really needed for the membership site to operate correctly?
  2. How many members do you need think will ever use the feature?
  3. Do you think you can start your membership site without this feature and add it later?
  4. Does the money you are going to invest in developing this feature will return it self?
  5. What does this feature position is this a retention / marketing / usability feature?

After checking every feature with the about questions you will have a more clear vision what features your membership really need straight form the beginning and what features you can implement later, after the membership site has already produce revenues.

Developing a membership site is not just knowing the technical things, infect in most cases the technical things are the easy one.

You need to be familiar with future customers needs and view.  Because we have our own membership and we are also developing membership sites.

We have the experience to know what features your membership site really need and what one you can postponed for later development.


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