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  1. Eve
    Eve says:

    Hi Ran,
    I am in the process of building my membership site and I am in the need for this kind of plugin. I just contacted you through the contact form on your site.
    Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

  2. Alvin Caoyonan
    Alvin Caoyonan says:

    Hi Ran,

    I also need a plugin like this for my WL site. I’m interested in purchasing it. Can you please get in touch with me as well?
    Also, is it much different WL Post Login from a while back? That plugin is no longer available but this seems like a better option.

    Thanks, Alvin

    • Ran Levay
      Ran Levay says:

      Hi Alvin,

      Wishlist Post Login is different than the custom development we did. WL Post Login redirected members who are not

      logged in to the same page they wanted to access after they login to the site.

      What we developed is a different solution for when a membership site owner wants to redirect members who login

      from a specific login form to a specific page, but keep all the other login forms redirect to the regular

      registration page.

      I will be happy to schedule a phone meeting with you to discuss the exact solution you need.

      Please contact us directly through the contact form below so we can schedule the call:





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