Wishlist Member API Speed Preformance

Wishlist Member API Speed Preformance

Developing any product for any platform can be an easy task or a hard task depending on the complexity of the solution and the developer knowledge and experience. Wishlist Member development is not different and like any other products development you can make a product that works but still doing it wrong.

Not every membership sites created equal some have very simple flow and some have more complex flow, some have few members and some have thousandths of members and even more.

When we developing a product you will know the membership site specifications, what is the amount of traffic the membership site have and what kind of solution does membership site owner need. 

Taking in it all in consideration you as developer need to come with best possible solution within the budget while the most important thing is not the budget but the solution itself and the logic and code you apply to solve it.

A “low price” solution can be very expensive if it’s slowing your website, you will eventually loose Google rankings and more important thing your members will get a bad experience.

What does it have to do with Wishlist Member API ?

If you are not familiar with Wishlist Member API or you are familiar with older versions of the Wishlist Member API you are probably doing it all wrong.

In previous versions of the Wishlist Member all API calls was made by external calls which took to much time, an external call was made even if we were calling to the same membership site where the Wishlist Member API called was originated from.

In the new versions of Wishlist Member (starting wishlist member 2.8) and internal Wishlist Member API was added, and you can definitely say that is much faster than other external Wishlist Member API functions.

In overall coding using Wishlist Member internal API vs the Wishlist Member external API can save you few seconds which can the difference between a bad experience and a good one.

But that is not all Wishlist Member internal API is the not only problem as you can only do far with Wishlist Member API in all development project you need to extend the Wishlist Member API and preform more complex actions.

The experience of the developer will eventually be the one that will choose weather or not the code is valid for all websites and preform well even on large website or the code will just “break” and will slow you website while running.

If you are looking for a solutions for Wishlist Member and want it to be developed but experience Wishlist Member certified developers don’t hesitate to send us a quote request.


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