Wishlist Smart Shortcodes New Commercial Plugin for Wishlist Member

Wishlist Smart Shortcodes – A New Commercial Plugin for Wishlist Member

We are using Wishlist Member on a daily basis both for own usage and both for our clients.

Many times we find our selves with need to display specific information for our members that are in specific levels or hide information form specific levels or even add a member access to a specific content or even to a specific post using the website front end.

Because we develop mini-plugins for Wishlist Member on a daily basis for our own needs. We have found that we have developed many small shortcodes  that many Wishlist Member users would benefit from.

So after a lot of time we have collected all the shortcodes into one plugin (and 3 add-ons) and even added new shortcodes that our customers wanted to see and put it Wishlist Smart Shortcodes.

Wishlist Smart Shortcodes give you the ability to manage your membership website easily using very powerful shortcodes that before it was released as a commercial plugin you would need to custom develop it.

So if you are interested in more shortcodes to enhance you Wishlist Member shortocdes capabilities your should check Wishlist Smart Shortcodes product page.


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