Need More Than Just A Wishlist Member Developer? You Came to Right Place.

Need More Than Just A Wishlist Member Developer? You Came to Right Place.

Developing a membership website is not where our job is finished, here at Wishlist Member Developers we are doing more than that.  As we see it we are all about creating beautiful and creative membership sites so besides do the technical job we have our own added value when it come to really make money from your membership site.

The you probably know the company behind Wishlist Member Developers is B&B Global Marketing Solutions which is an active company in the internet marketing strategies and monetization more than 7 years.

When we come to any new project we bring more than just custom development to the table, we bring our vast experience in the online marketing industry.

Some times a little tweak in your website flow could increase your conversion rate and thus making you more money.

Here are just 3 little tweaks you can apply to your website easily:

  • Reduce just one step from your website buy process and you will be to increase you sales from the same number of customer
  • Collect your customer email before he is buying, than you will be able to contact him if he didn’t finished the sale and maybe you will be able “rescue” the sale.
  • Create a “warm” feeling after you customer already bought the product you will probably earn him for a life.

Creating a good website is not just knowing the technical issues it has a lot of psychology in it and the little things that you may think about will help you to create even more sales without increase your traffic.

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