Troubleshooting Wishlist Member Problems

Troubleshooting Wishlist Member Problems

Wishlist Member is one of the best membership plugins that money can buy. I know that you may find a lot of other plugins that give you the ability to create your own membership site and you may also find a lot of information on why you shouldn’t use Wishlist Member for building your websites.

But the fact still stays the same Wishlist Member is still the one the best one and the features or his structure have nothing to do it that.

The most important reason Wishlist Member is one of the best is the community.  Yes you can find many new plugins with some flashy interface (which I don’t like I think a plugin interface should stay as close as it can be to the regular WordPress UI and design), but after all if you have a problem or you need a new feature for your membership site it will be a lot easier for you to find the solution if you are using Wishlist Member and not any other platform.

So how could you troubleshoot a problem that you have with Wishlist Member?

When it comes to troubleshooting the process is not that much different than trouble shooting any other WordPress plugin.

The main idea is to try and eliminate all other things that may cause a problem like extra plugins and even special themes.

After you find the problem source and know what is causing it, in most cases you will be able to solve it by changing the plugin that is causing the problem or by asking a Wishlist Member certified to developer to try and solve the problem for you.

You can always try to solve the problem for your self or you can let us do it for you.

For more information on our troubleshooting service check the Troubleshooting service  page.

Or send us a quote request using the Quote Request Form


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