Building Your Membership Site On Your Own vs. Hiring a Developer

Building Your Membership Site On Your Own vs. Hiring a Developer

Every time we face the dilemma of whether to do something on our own or hire a professional to do it for us, we ask ourselves these questions:

1. How much time will it take us to complete that something myself?

2. Can we utilize that exact amount of time to do something else that is much more important and valuable?

Once we answer these questions, the answer becomes really clear and simple to us.

When aiming it towards our business, using this method of asking these questions, we are able to manage our business much more productively.

That is one of the reasons why we established Wishlist Member Developers.

We wanted to provide our clients a wide range of services that will save them time and help them focus on the 2 core things: creating valuable content and engaging members and generating more revenues.

All the other things such as building, setting-up, designing and tweaking your membership site can be done by professionals, all according to your personal budget of course.

Benefits of Building Your Membership Site on Your Own

1. Saving money if you are on a tight budget

2. Expanding your knowledge on different topics

Benefits of Hiring a Developer

1. Saving valuable time (time=money)

2. Focusing on the things you know best

3. Focusing on the most important things (valuable content + generating revenues)

4. Having the ability to establish your business faster

5. Understanding what works and what doesn’t in a shorter amount of time

How Do You Prefer to Work?

Do you prefer doing all the work by yourself or hire professionals to do some of the jobs for you? How is it working for you?

Please let us know in the comment section below, we are interested in knowing you point of view on this.


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